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Kinetix Exploration Limited now finds itself actively working across a range of counties and fields in our efforts to locate develop and realize commercially viable sources of oil and gas both as sole operator and in partnership with industry peers. Our operational portfolio currently includes the Japanese Yufutsu field, the East Seruway PSC in the North Sumatran Basin and the Kutai PSC in Indonesia, the Bertam field in Malaysia and the Aspara field of Cambodia’s Block A, a total of some 27,320 sq. km. In addition to these Kinetix Exploration Limited has also began the process of seeking exploratory licenses for operations in Myanmar as the country returns to the broader economic world. With our industry leading experience in upstream operations we continue to seek out and explore new opportunities for development across the region.

Although the terms and conditions of each of our exploratory and production licenses are different there is a common structure involved in each comprising four main stages as follows:

Stages Involved


In this initial stage we begin by working up concepts for exploration in areas around the region in which we already have detailed knowledge, either first hand or dependable third party data, with a target area firmly identified in this manner it is then subject to additional survey through the employment of various geological techniques and if found viable within the constraints of our operational protocols licenses for exploratory drilling are sought for the area.


With the successful acquisition of the appropriate licensing from either the government of that territory or the existing licensee we will then set about conducting test drilling to accurately assess the size, scope variables and commercial viability of the find. From this point a decision is made as to whether to proceed as the sole operator or to seek out and partner with others in the continuing development of the field.


With the outer parameters and the economic viability of the find determined an outside and independent consulting firm will then be brought in to asses and certify the stated reserves of the field and this information then used to help draft a development plan for the field. On completion and approval of the development plan we will then begin drilling development wells and fabricating required site infrastructure for commercial production to begin.


With a fields production underway, Kinetix Exploration Limited continues to both maintain and maximize field potential actively re-enter wells to ensure that maximum recovery potential is being achieved over their life of operations and to further confirm that all safety, environmental and legal requirements are being strenuously adhered to.

Japan Map In the eastern part of Tomakomai City on the Japanese Island of Hokkaido lies the extensive Yufutsu oil and gas field first proven by exploratory drilling in 1988, the field is bounded by the Tomakomai West Port, stretching under the Ishikari Plain as far as the Western shore of Lake Utonai. It is where in 2011 Kinetix Exploration Limited was formed in an opportunity to take up a 15% holding in already established natural gas recovery effort that is still part of the Kinetix Exploration Limited lineup today.

Following a successful operation in 2012 the company’s stake holding was successfully increased to 25%. Although the last few years have seen heavy focus by Kinetix Exploration Limited on expanding efforts in both oil and gas recovery in S.E Asia production value has not diminished from this site. 2015 has been slated as a period of renewed expansion within our home country with the preferred choice being the seeking of both J.V with companies already operating development stage wells and the seeking of additional exploratory licenses.


East Seruway Map As of October 2012 Kinetix Exploration Limited holds a 14% stake in the East Seruway PSC operating in the 4,406 sq km block in the North Sumatra Basin. The geological specifications for which include Oligo-Miocene carbonaceous shale sourced oil with a reservoir comprised of Early Miocene carbonates and featuring a fractured dolomitic basement and a trap structure of Carbonate reefal including faulted anticlines and tilted fault blocks, sealed by Early Miocene intra formational shale boundary layers.


Kutai Map The second Indonesian venture that Kinetix Exploration Limited is currently involved in is located in the Mahakam River delta of East Kalimantan, the Kutai PSC covers some 1,533 sq. km with water depths in some areas reaching up to 200m and is made up of a total of four offshore and one onshore projects.

Kinetix Exploration Limited acquired its stake in this lucrative operation in November 2013. The geological make-up of the field sees a sourcing of Miocene coals and carbonaceous shale in a reservoir made up of Pliocene deltaic sandstones and a trap comprising Faulted anticlines, stratigraphic channels and tilted fault blocks sealed by Pliocene intra formational shale.

Malaysia Map Kinetix Exploration Limited’s operations in Malaysia are located near the Bertam field off the Malaysian Peninsular at an average of 76 meters of depth.

The field which was only discovered in 1995 is controlled by major partners Petronas Carigali and Lundin Petroleum featuring 13.7 MMboe of net reserves of oil with significant gas deposits located in the Tembakau prospect. First scheduled production deliveries of oil are scheduled for the second quarter of 2015 with additional exploratory drillings underway as of the first quarter of 2015.

Cambodia Map Located around 150 km of the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand, the BLOCK A field lies over the Khmer Basin in a depth of water between 50 and 80m. Kinetix Exploration Limited’S 15% holding in the field was acquired in February 2012 with the Cambodian National Petroleum Authority.

A further Production Permit Application covering first phase development plans for the Apsara field located within Block A was submitted in September 2014 to the country’s authorities and is currently still awaiting regulatory approval. Sourcing of the field is Miocene fluvio deltaic shale in a reserve of Miocene fluvial sandstone, trapped by tilted fault blocks and sealed by Miocene intra formational shale.

Myanmar MapKinetix Exploration Limited is proud to be among the first E&P companies conducting early stage exploration in Myanmar as this largely unexplored and evaluated region of the world promises to hold many dynamic opportunities for front running companies in recovering the nation’s mineral wealth. With two exploratory licenses, one covering onshore drilling and development on a section of the Chauk field and one of only 30 licenses granted to foreign companies by the Myanmar Ministry of Energy to conduct offshore drilling in Myanmar waters on the eastern side of the Bay of Bengal, Kinetix Exploration Limited is set to be among the first foreign companies to begin commercial operations in the country since 1963.