Established in 2011 and based in Osaka Japan, Kinetix Exploration Limited is one of Asia’s leading upstream E&P companies with our focus placed squarely on the exploration, field development and production of both oil and gas from the rich proven reserves of these valuable commodities in the basins of South East Asia. To this end our involvement has seen us spread our attention as a company from the well-established Yufutsu oil and gas field of Hokkaido where we began our operations, to newer more profitable operations in both onshore and offshore fields in Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia with Kinetix Exploration Limited now involved at the embryonic stage of oil exploration in Myanmar.

At Kinetix Exploration Limited our excellent reputation in the Asian E&P industry is derived from the skill, hard work and dedication of our personnel who have been employed in all facets of the industry and at all levels. Never content to rest on our laurels, Kinetix Exploration Limited is always active in seeking out new dynamic opportunities for project development either as a sole operator or in conjunction with other well respected partners throughout the region.


In this initial stage we begin by working up concepts for exploration in areas around the region in which we already have detailed knowledge...


With the successful acquisition of the appropriate licensing from either the government of that territory or the existing licensee we will then set about conducting test drilling...


Both oil and natural gas deposits have come about from decaying organic matter both that of animals and plants which after being lay down has been...


Kinetix Exploration Limited now finds itself actively working across a range of counties and fields in our efforts to locate develop and realize commercially...

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Vision, Values, Responsibilities & Principles


• To at all times conduct ourselves and our business fairly and honestly.
• To abide by and adhere to the laws and regulations of our host countries and communities.


• To generate the best possible returns for our stakeholders in a legal and ethical manner.
• To provide a safe and hospitable working environment for all of our employees regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religious faith.


• To seek out all available opportunities for sound and consistent growth.
• To encourage and reward innovation at all levels of our business.

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Our business is advancing trade for a growing array of customers and counterparties around the world. If you would like to find out more about Kinetix Exploration Limited, please get a copy of our Company Brochure.

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This video whose purpose is to broadcast & visually explains the Kinetix Exploration Limited's business message in a way that prevents misunderstandings or confusions into our customers, partners & investors.

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Kinetix Exploration Limited is fully committed to making our business as compliant as possible with all regulations and guidelines on reducing pollution and lessening mans effect on climate change. This commitment is reflected in the terms and structure of our own internal environmental policy position and is to be adhered to at all of our operations. Since our adoption of our first climate change policy in 2011 and its subsequent revisal in 2012...

Comprised of growing team of highly skilled and motivated professional petroleum engineers, operations specialists and industry executives, Kinetix Exploration Limited is proudly committed to growing ourselves in to the leading independent E&P company operating in Asia today and this is only possible because of the high caliber of the people who make up our team across five countries and a range of different conditions and localities.